Hi, I'm Audrey. 

What makes Zz different? Most sleep apps simply track your nighttime movements to help you understand how many hours you slept during the night. But Zz works with your body throughout the day and night to streamline sleep and energy 24 hours a day.  

Before sleep, Zz helps you start winding down with bedtime reminders, anti-blue light tech, and meditation techniques. Our app helps you create a personalized nighttime plan to naturally lower your cortisol levels and start the production of melatonin, so you can drift to sleep with ease.  

During the evening, our phone and watch tracker senses your sleep movements to analyze sleep data. Daily reports and weekly roundups give you recommendations for improved sleep patterns and habits.  

In the morning, our alarm clock senses when you're ready to wake up according to your REM cycle. No more waking up groggy and grouchy in the middle of a dream. The soothing sounds and sunrise settings wake you up healthfully and naturally.  

During the day, the sleep app will give you reminders to drink water, workout, eat right, and implement other rest-worthy habits. The goal is full-life immersion and implementation to make sleeping as easy as it should be.

Try our sleep app free for 14 days.

Sleep better, feel better, live better. Your nights and days will see the difference in less than two weeks.